What We Do

Staffing and Convention Services


Are you planning a conference, regular meeting, training course, seminar or a project kick-off event?

Tsar Events DMC & PCO will find the ideal venue and facilities to make your corporate gathering a great success.

The success of your meeting or conference, and an intact and the positive corporate image go hand-in-hand. Tsar Events DMC & PCO possesses years of international experience, destination know-how and provides expert local services to ensure that in the end, your conference can be called a true success.

Our experience and attention to details in every aspect of the eventguaranteeits smooth running and completion.

We provide a consistently high level of service:

  • Selecting and contracting of venues and hotels
  • Designing and hosting of social activities
  • Special events and entertainments
  • Land arrangements (guides, transfers, catering)
  • On-line registration
  • Contracting speakers
  • Technical support (all types of equipment)

We provide a number of professional and efficient services to conference and event organizers including:

Conference services teams:

  • Delegate reception staff, pack compilation & distribution to work pre event to make sure material is collated efficiently and correctly for distribution to delegates on arrival
  • Registration staff: Delegate registration staff with efficient and organized typists to make sure attendees are registered seamlessly, assisting with data entry and badge printing
  • Delegate & speaker badge distribution staff to make sure attendees are distributed with their passes correctly and efficiently
  • Hospitality staff to serve afternoon drinks and manage break out refreshment areas

Tour guides: Our trained staff are experts at showcasing the destination and keeping guests enthralled throughout their journey.

Event staff: Your added teammates make it happen onsite, from loading busses to refreshing green rooms and everything in between.