What We Do

Incentive programs


Whether you are expressing your appreciation for your personnel, rewarding an achievement or celebrating an anniversary, we have got the venues, the activities and the expertise to put the icing on any incentive event.

Looking to some unforgettable experiences in Russia? Your choice is Tsar Events DMC & PCO’ s incentive programs:

  • Survive one day in Russian army (with Kalashnikovshooting and Tank driving)
  • Gala dinner in the Tsar’s palace with Stalin, Lenin or Rasputin as a host speaker
  • Learn how to dance with Cossacks and sing «Kalinka-Malinka»
  • Drink Vodka from glasses made of ice while riding Russian Troikas in Winter Forest
  • Participate in a Fashion show as a Top-model for famous Russian designers
  • Masquerade party in underground prison cells of the Peter and Paul’s Fortress or on the top of the Flag Tower
  • Become a Russian James Bond by participating ina speed boat race along canals and rivers
  • Meet a real astronaut and ask them about life in Space, and the challenges/routines
  • Crack the mystery of Faberge eggs and Da Vinci’s Art in Winter Palace