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11 New Venues for your event in St. Peterbsurg

 We have selected for you 11 news venues in St. Petersburg that were opened recently. They can be used for any type of your event: cozy dinner for 50 persons, 2500 pax open air team-building or gala dinner for 1000 guests. Please, contact Tsar Events DMC & PCO team for more details.

PALM PALACE: 180 pax

PALM PALACE is new venue in St. Petersburg located in the old 19th Century mansion. BALL ROOM (170 sq. m, Ceiling height — 6 m).

Capacity: Dinner set up – 180 pax Reception – 350 pax Conference Theater style – 350 pax

Recommended for Gala Dinners & Concerts


STREET ART MUSEUM in St Petersburg is the first of its kind – a fixed home for a transitory art form. It’s located inside an active factory, the Sloplast plastics laminate works, in an industrial zone outside the city’s central tourist core. A massive outdoor area and decommissioned parts of the factory, like the boiler house, are used for temporary exhibits.

Recommended for groups up to 2000 pax events on open area for themed parties, master-classes, concerts, exhibitions


LENDOC (LENINGRAD DOCUMENTARY FILM STUDIO) is oldest Russian documentary films studio that was opened in St. Petersburg in 1932. After renovation in 2012 part of studio works as a cultural center.

WHITE HALL (385 sq. m, Ceiling height — 10 m).


Dinner set up – 300 pax

Reception – 500 pax

Conference Theater style – 350 pax

Recommended for Gala Dinners, Concerts, Master-classes & conferences


CRYSTAL PAVILION is multifunctional space-transformer with most up-to date AV and decor capabilities, along with historical location (at the Peter and Paul Fortress). It is perfect venue for large winter events (December – February). Installation of Crystal Pavilion at the other times is possible upon negotiation and extra charge.

Size: 2500 sq.m


Dinner set up – 1000 pax

Reception – 1500 pax


PALM TREE ORANGERY – part of Taurid Palace Complex belonged to Gregory Potemkin, favorite of Catherine the Great. Skylight, amazing tropical and subtropical plants, supported by year-round summer climate create a special atmosphere of each event. The orangery is equipped with professional sound and light equipment


Dinner set up – 50 pax

Reception – 70 pax


NAUTILUS EVENT SPACE – former historical market turned to weaving mill during Soviet Period. After renovation in 2015 used as loft style event space.

MAIN HALL (1400 sq. m, Ceiling height — 12 m).


Dinner set up – 600 pax

Reception – 1000 pax

Conference Theater style – 1100 pax


STABLES of YUSUPOV PALACE are part of legendary Yusupov Plaace complex that was renovated in 2015. Now you can use it as venues for exhibitions, gala dinners, conference.

GROUND FLOOR (325 sq. m, Ceiling height – 6 m).


Dinner set up – 150 pax

Reception – 200 pax

Conference Theater style – 280 pax


NEW HOLLAND ISLAND is an artificial island in the city center created in 1730s by Dutch shipbuilders. In 2010 the restoration of the space began, the main idea of the project is Cultural Urbanisation, blending in historical significance with the city infrastructure. New Holland is open year around and is perfect for outdoor events and teambuilding activities

Maximum capacity of the island is 2500 pax.

Kuznya House is restaurant/club located in the heart of the island with the eclectic «simple» food. Seated capacity is 60 pax.


RUMYANTSEV MANSION was built in XIX century and was a residence of counselor of Russian Empire Nikolay Rumyantsev, who collected ancient artefacts and had one of the largest book collections in the country. Nowadays the Mansion is a State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. Catered events are allowed in the Mansion’s courtyard. Tour of the museum followed by a dinner in the historic courtyard is a perfect scenario for a summer event


Dinner set up – 100 pax

Reception – 200 pax


GOLITSIN LOFT — first creative quarter, that brought together 5 houses, one of which — an old mansion of the XVIII century in front of Mikhailovsky Castle. Now loft houses more than a hundred projects with inherently creative philosophy, an incredible number of showrooms, design studios, bars, restaurants, creative workshops and much more.

Recommended for groups up to 200 pax for themed parties, master-classes, concerts, conference and exhibitions


PAVILION at PETER & PAUL FORTRESS is multifunctional space located in the courtyard of Engineer House in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Available year around with glass walls and heaters during the winter. Incredible views of Neva river, Winter Palace and Spit of Vasilyevsky Island from Commandant Marina few steps away from the Pavilion. Ideal scenario is a gala dinner or a day excursion followed by the lunch on the island.

Size: 525 sq. m


Dinner set up – 180 pax

Reception – 250 pax Pavilion at Peter & Paul Fortress: 180 pax


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The most CULTURAL city in Russia

The 4th biggest city in Europe with the population of 6 million people
City with largest number of palaces and the deepest metro in the world
The cradle of Russian Literature, Art and Education.

Ideal places for Tsar’s Events:

— Gala Dinner at Faberge Museum –with biggest collection of Faberge Eggs
— Congress for 1000 guests in Smolny Cathedral
— Lunch at a single long table for 600 persons inside of the biggest Artillery museum in the world
— Exclusive night visit to Hermitage      (Winter Palace)
— Transfer from airport by BTR, stretch limousine or Russian Troika
— Gala dinner with Rasputin in Yusupoff Palace
— Water and Fire Fairytale in Peterhoff Palace
— Hockey game against Russian team 
— Politburo meeting in  Political Dacha K2

Want to hear 1000 more ideas?
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Panama is quickly becoming a popular destination for holding conventions and international events. A modern infrastructure, which is often cited as the best in the region, direct flights to more than 50 cities in the region and 13 in the U.S, world-class attractions nearby, meeting facilities, hotels, excellent restaurants, a globalized populace, and a vibrant metropolis with more than 100 banks and exciting nightlife, all make Panama the perfect place to host first-class events.

No matter what you’re looking for…in terms of climate, budget, convenience, or anything else… Panama is likely to check all the boxes.

Panama is located at the center of Latin America, at the very point where Central and South America meet. It is home to one of the world’s fastest growing economies, which is built largely on the country being a primary provider of financial, logistic and commercial services to all the nations of the region. Its central role in Latin America is vested in its being a business friendly nation, and that is complemented by its attractive and comfortable lifestyle.

Panama is a captivating mix of the historical and the modern, the natural and the manmade, the indigenous cultures and the international.

Since Panama is historically a crossroads, people and cultures from all over the world meet and mix here, resulting in friendly atmosphere, fantastic restaurants, galleries and cultural events showcasing the world’s best art, cuisine, and more. Panama has none of the disastrous hurricanes and earthquakes that plague its Central American neighbors.