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Moscow vs St. Petersburg. Part 2. Role in History — Ancient Russia vs. Communist vs Czar’s Empire

Moscow was the ancient capital of Russia, and this part of history is connected with old-style churches with onion-shaped towers, boyars with beards and long coats, Ivan the Terrible, and colorful Kremlin halls. After 1703, Peter the Great moved the Russian capital functions to the newly built Saint Petersburg, and Moscow lost its status of cultural, political, administrative, and commercial center.

Moscow VS St. Petersburg. Part 1. Architecture

One of largest argument in biggest Russian cities is «which of cities is better». And there are  lot of reasons for never-ending debates as  these two  cities are completely different with it’s own pro and cons.

For Muscovites  St. Petersburg   was always the depressing slow city where you spend weekend if you want to visit Europe,  but  you don’t have time and money for it.  For citizens of St. Petersburg  Moscow is place where you work  and earn money, earn very good money.