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Russian Traditions: Bread And Salt Welcome Ceremony

The tradition originated as a folk custom in western Russia. As a sign of hospitality, when the emperor or empress visited their towns, merchants and gentry would present a loaf of bread placed on a round dish covered with an embroidered towel.  The ceremony also was used prior to the marriage of a landowner when he traveled to each village on his estate, introducing his new bride to the peasants. The ceremony symbolized that the couple would never be without the necessities of life.

The tradition still is practiced, both in Russia (occasionally at weddings) and by descendants of Russians living in other countries (bread and salt is brought to a family member or friend when they move into a new home).

Man and woman, dressed in Russian national costumes serve Bread & Salt, while a folklore trio is playing and singing. The Ceremony is perfect in combination with the welcome reception during check – in (glass of champagne or a shot of Russian vodka). Ceremony duration is  20-30 min. You can order it contacting  TSAR EVENTS — Leading  Russia’s Destination Management Company  & Professional Congress Organizer ()

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