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Russian Tradition of visiting someone’s home. Part 1

When visiting Russians be prepared that almost everybody lives in small flats (2 room apartments and kitchen – and this considered to be very good conditions, as it can much smaller).

There are some unspoken rules for going  v gosi.

Usually all starters and drinks are on the table family style, and everybody put salads to his own plate by himself.   Russian people don’t have aperitif, so people poor drinks and start dinner immediately after first toast. Food allergies are not common in Russia, so if you are allergic to something you may want to inform your host beforehand so that you don’t feel awkward by refusing food.

When you visit somebody’s home, remember to never arrive empty handed – it is rude and disrespectful. Bring bottle of wine, flowers, something sweet etc.  You should know that you are expected to take your shoes off and you will be offered slippers.

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