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Five exhibitions opened at the Manezh as part of the Fashion and Style in Photography 2021 festival

10 June 2021
Five exhibitions opened at the Manezh as part of the Fashion and Style in Photography 2021 festival

In particular, Russian photographer Olga Michi presented the project "Vulnerable?", dedicated to the problems associated with globalization

The Moscow Multimedia Art Museum opens five exhibitions on Wednesday as part of the XII International Biennale "Fashion and Style in Photography - 2021". The central exhibition hall "Manezh" presents expositions about the indigenous tribes of different countries, the relationship between nature and man, as well as the Italian and Russian fashion industries, the TASS correspondent reports.

Russian photographer Olga Michi presented the project Vulnerable ?, dedicated to the problems associated with globalization. Representatives of rare ethnic groups became the heroes of her photographs. "This project presents more than a hundred people with their stories from three regions of the world - Africa, Myanmar and Chukotka. This project is not ethnographic, but deeply philosophical.

It is primarily about art, and this can be seen from the black background, the manner of shooting, the manner of presentation . I did it on purpose, I wanted to encourage you to dialogue with your characters, "- said the photographer.

The title of the project "Vulnerable?", As conceived by the author, on the one hand shows the difficulties that tribes have to face in modern times - environmental disasters, excessive tourist interest. On the other hand, Michie points out that the people in the photographs are not helpless, they carry trophies from the hunt. “Four years have passed since the moment we conceived this project, during this time a lot has changed, the attitude towards the tribes has changed. Now they are no longer looked down upon, but looked at as people with their own wisdom,” the photographer said. In addition, the Manege visitors will see a joint project of the Finnish-Norwegian creative duo Caroline Yort and Riitta Ikonen. The project was named "Eyes are like saucers" and was inspired by folklore and its characteristic personifications of natural phenomena.

The first personal exhibition of the Italian model and fashion photographer Alberta Tiburzi opens within the framework of the Biennale. In the 1960s, she was a sought-after model, then she went from a photojournalist, shooting European and Hollywood stars staying in Rome, to a popular fashion photographer. “She was called by all the largest glossy magazines in Italy of those years. The 1980s were a brilliant era for Italy, a fresh wind blew, Italian fashion appeared. All the great brands and designers appeared in the late 1970s - Versace, Armani. Alberta Tiburzi worked with all of them, "curator Olga Strada described the project. In her works, Tiburzi sought to achieve a special chemical connection between the outfit, the model and the surrounding space. Another exposition - the project "Not for everyone" - was prepared by stylist Vadim Galaganov and photographer Damir Zhukenov. The inspiration for the creation of the three series of works was an old Hollywood movie. Using his example, Galaganov explored how the concept of beauty was transformed over the past century. Viewers will see the series "Codes", which show models in headdresses developed by a stylist, turned into art objects. Another series - "Lani" - is based on images of ballerinas from the eccentric and daring for the 1920s production of Bronislava Nijinska to the music of Francis Poulenc.

And the Post-atom age series reveals the story of a modern woman who openly demonstrates her sexuality, accepting her own individuality. Russian photographer Anastasia Samoilova, who has been living in Miami for a long time, will present the "Flood Zone" project. In his works, the author explores the paradoxes, contradictions and contrasts of South Florida.

"There are no global catastrophes, even in this sample there is no flooding, but all the time there is a feeling of some kind of props, some kind of" facade "of this city, this area. The project unites more than three states, and it continues, I constantly add photos in it, "- described Samoilova.

A photographer captures sun-faded advertising banners inviting the city of dreams, skyscrapers and mildew-eaten shacks. At the same time, she notes the importance of color rendition in her photographs, thanks to which she manages to create an impression of the city, as of a studio set.


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