Industry Updates

September 2011

Team Russia Brand is new project of The Russian Olympic Committee

The Russian Olympic Committee (OKR) began the promotion of a unified sports brand named ‘Team Russia’, according to a report by Kommersant.

The brand’s logo which will be unified for all the teams was developed by Mildberry Sports agency. The cost of the project is estimated to be         €120,000, but additional funds may be spent in the future depending on the brand’s development requirements.

In addition to that a national advertising campaign will start in September: it is planned to be aired on nationwide TV channels Russia-1, Russia-24, TVC, and NTV, as well as the local TV channels in major cities and the Internet. The advertising campaign is estimated to cost $5 million.

‘Team Russia’ brand will be supported through well-known sports holidays (‘Russian Ski Track’, ‘Running Day’, streetball competitions, and etc.) together with large retail chains.

It’s worth noting that the name of the brand, which was initially intended to be ‘Сборная Команда’ (Sbornaya Komanda, Russian for ‘the national team’), has been changed by analogy with the American unified brand ‘Team USA’. The latter already brought the US Olympic Committee about $9 billion.

OKR expects that ‘Team Russia’ brand should attract about $1 billion into sports within 2011-2012 from the sale of TV rights, sponsorships, and other sources of investments.