Industry Updates

August 2012


Extreme Hotels, a ground breaking hotel brand and management company, and «Rosa Khutor» Ski Resort Development Company LLC» (a part of ProfEstate), one of Russia’s leading property developers, are very pleased to announce the launch of an Extreme Hotel in Sochi and the signing of a 10 year management contract.

The 209 bedroom Extreme Hotel will kick open in early 2015 for domestic and international travellers alike. Strategically located at the foot of the Alpine Ski slopes and adjacent to the Snow Board Park, both developed for the Winter Olympic Games 2014, the Extreme Hotel delivers the ultimate adventure platform for even the most demanding guest. «Once all our facilities are built this will be one of the best Extreme Sports locations in the world and is perfectly positioned to ride the wave of attention that Sochi is attracting as a lead in to the Winter Olympics in 2014.» explains Al Gosling, CEO of Extreme Sports Company and founder of The Extreme Sports Channel.

Sochi has recently won bids for F1 as well as for the Winter Olympics and is the perfect destination for an Extreme Hotel as well as a more in-depth co-brand relationship which sees Extreme working with Rosa Khutor on a tourism and sports activity partnership via our Extreme Destinations business. Click here to visit the Extreme Destinations Site.This partnership involves Extreme developing and operating a large collection of Extreme branded action sports facilities and Extreme Park with snowboard and freestyle centre throughout the valley. This will ensure that Rosa Khutor will be strongly differentiated from other ski resorts and make it a destination of choice for the many millions of Extreme Sports enthusiasts around the world.



Extreme Hotels aim is to become one of the world’s leading sports lifestyle based hotel brands, offering something new, different and exciting in the hotel sector. Delivering affordable, high value, entertaining, active, cutting edge sports based hotels located in the finest Extreme Sports and urban destinations around the world. Extreme Hotels deliver high quality innovative design with state of the art technology, a revolutionary social bar concept and, as you’d expect, the best local advice, access to Extreme Sports facilities, packages & equipment for all our guests.

Revolutionizing what’s on offer in the hotel sector today, Extreme Hotels is set to become a ‘maverick’ of hotel brands. The creation of this new hotel is the inspired vision of Al Gosling who says, «We have formed this unique and powerful partnership, with two of the hotel industry’s ‘big guns’ and innovators to deliver an international forward-looking proposition that promises to transform what’s presently on offer in the hotel industry today.»

Recognising that the world presently holds more than 165 million Extreme Sports participants worldwide, and that Extreme Sports are the fastest growing market sector in the sports arena, Extreme Hotels has a clear market positioning and a community craving this product.

Al passionately believes that this new offer will revolutionise what’s on offer presently in the market place, he adds, «We will provide guests with an environment that is extraordinarily social, a real laugh and hopefully strike a chord with travellers who are young at heart and that crave style, fun and adventure. Sochi provides the perfect back drop for this and Rosa Khutor Ski the perfect company to maximise this opportunity with.»