Industry Updates

May 2012

Aquabuses (Water Taxi) will start their navigation 25th of May!

The water taxi of St.Petersburg will start running on May, 25. The city organises 20 special stops for the water buses.

The upcomming season aquabus will serve 4 lines:

Primorskaya: from Staraya Derevnya to the Arsenalnaya emb.
Central line: from the Sverdlovskaya emb to the University emb.
Nevskaya line: from Sverdlovskaya emb to the Rybatsky pr.
Resort line: from the Arsenalnaya emb to Kronshtadt.

Ticket price: adults — 54 RUR, children — 27 RUR (for the Resort line: adults 100 RUR, kids 50 RUR)

Aquabuses will run daily from 8:00 till 20:00 with average interval of 10-15 min.