Industry Updates

May 2012

Second St. Petersburg International Legal Forum will be held in Hermitage (General Staff Headquarters Building) from 16 to 19 May 2012

Alexander Konovalov, the Russian Minister of Justice, and Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage, met in the State Council Room in the Hermitage to sign a partnership agreement for the organization of the Second St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The discussions of the Second St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, from 16 to 19 May 2012, will be held in the East Wing of the General Staff Headquarters Building, part of the Hermitage.

Alexander Konovalov said he was confident that the partnership between the Ministry of Justice and the State Hermitage would ensure an absolutely exclusive format for the Forum, primarily because it would be taking place in the very heart of historic St. Petersburg. The Minister remarked that there could be no better setting for a legal forum than the historical architecture of Palace Square: «Although the State Hermitage has immense historical traditions, it never stands still but is constantly developing, moving forward – the establishment of a museum of contemporary art in the General Staff Headquarters Building is an outstanding example of this. And jurisprudence is an area that requires conservatism and grounding in tradition, but, at the same time, needs really dynamic development».

The plenary session of the Forum on 17 May 2012 will consider worldwide problems concerning the development of modern international law. The round table discussions will include, among other subjects, the supremacy of law, the circulation and protection of cultural values, and new forms of international economic integration within the framework of APEC, BRICS and EurAsEc.

The round table discussions and sectional sessions on 18 May 2012 will concentrate exclusively on specific practical issues relating to the most up-to-date and topical matters relating to legal practice all over the world. There will be between 25 to 30 round tables and sections, more than at the previous Forum. This will enable the sessions to encompass every aspect of contemporary law and to attract leading practising lawyers, experts and representatives of state regulatory bodies.

Particular importance will be attached to the discussion of matters of national and international law concerning the protection of the cultural heritage, the restitution of cultural values, guarantees relating to the organization of exhibitions, the protection of intellectual rights – all aspects that are among the problems faced by museum establishments.

Other matters that will be raised during the discussions include legal measures for countering corruption and dumping, the development of economic turnover on the Internet, the legal and taxation aspects of the stimulation of energy supply, the protection of natural resources, problems of medical, sport, labour and heritage law, the development of civil legislation, bankruptcy procedures and many other issues.

Of special interest to practising lawyers will be a series of discussions devoted to the organization and regulation of legal activity, the management of law firms, professional ethics in the legal profession and the improvement of legal education.

The 2012 Forum is expected to attract over 1,500 participants.

The First St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in 2011, which was held at the Engineers’ Castle, announced itself as a universal negotiating platform for lawyers from all over the world. Over 600 delegates from 35 countries attended the Forum, including the President of the Russian Federation, the Justice Ministers of 15 countries, the General Secretary of the Council of Europe, heads of higher legal authorities, corporate lawyers, barristers, notaries, consultants and heads of international lawyers’ associations.

Registration for the Second St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is now open on the website