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Must Do in Uzbekistan

  1. Taste national Uzbek spicery and sweets at Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent.
  2. Relax at historical Bath Sauna Complex in Bukhara and have an experience ancient services of XVI century.
  3. Ride a camel in Nurata Yurt Camp.

4. Spend overnight in Yurt of Nurata Camp.

5. Admire the picturesque views of one the largest deserts in the world - the Kyzylkum Desert.

6. Visit workshop of painting at Toshev family school miniatures in Bukhara and bring a handicraft souvenir from Uzbekistan.

7. Learn the traditions of Uzbek tea ceremony and taste all kinds of Uzbek sweets and tea at national tea house "Spices of the silk Road" in Bukhara.

8. Taste Uzbek National Wine at Khovrenko winery – the oldest one of Central Asia.

9. Watch the stars through the ancient telescope of Ulugbek Observatory in Samarkand.

10. Learn a secret recipe of Uzbek pilaf during a cooking class.