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  Odesa is the main Ukrainian seaport located on the north-western coast of the Black Sea, 490 kilometres far from Kiev. One of the largest cities of Ukraine, southern gates of the state, important industrial, scientific, cultural and resort city.  Odessa is mostly dealing with transport and external trade on the international labour division.
     The city is situated on the Black sea north-western seashore on the trading routes from the Central and Northern Europe to the Close East and Asia crossing. The international transport route #9, which connects Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, passes through Odessa. 
      The population is 1132000 . This very special city is a true gem on the Black Sea Coast. Founded at the end of 18th century, it soon became the important seaport, the centre of commerce and communication. Outskirts of the city are known as balneological resorts.
     But the city’s main treasure is its inhabitants. They have always been known for their business astuteness, initiative and tolerance. Odessa is the only city in Ukraine which has so many nations living in it and having really great relationships with each other. From their very childhood, the Odessites are being brought up in the atmosphere of hospitality, warm-heartiness and wicked humor, that’s why no feuds have ever happened and will ever happen here.
    The city has an International Airports, which is one of the Ukraine’s largest ones, and its airlines are connected with many cities of Ukraine, CIS, and the countries of the Western Europe, Asia and Africa as well.  Considering Odessa’s profitable geographical location as the Euro-Asian airlines crossing, powerful transport center, as well as the world leading expert companies’ making their predictions of the passenger and load aviation transportations increase, the Airport is supposed to be reequipped to meet the international demands.