Our Destinations




 Hotel Laguna at Paratunka Village

DAY 1 — 25th July 2021, Sunday

 MUST KNOW: Climate of Kamchatka

 MUST KNOW: Airport Elizovo

 MUST KNOW: Kamchatka Region

 Elizovo Airport Arrival and Transfer to the hotel in Paratunka (25 minutes)

 19:30 Dinner at Los'-Losos' Restaurant in Paratunka Village


DAY 2 — 26th July 2021, Monday

 09:30-16:00 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky City Sightseeing Tour

 1. Avachinskaya Harbour

 2. Three Brothers Rock

 3. Monument to Vitus Bering

 4. Nikolskaya Sopka (Hill)

 16:00 Visit to Khalaktyrskiy Beach (15 minutes drive from the city)

 19:00 Dinner at the restaurant Kamchatka in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy


DAY 3 — 27th July 2021, Tuesday

 Klyuchevskoy Nature Park Visit

 Tour to the Nature Park Klyuchevskoy Day 1

 Stop for overnight at Hotel Tolbachik Kozyrevsk with dinner at local cafe


DAY 4 — 28th July 2021, Wednesday

 Tour to the Nature Park Klyuchevskoy Day 2


DAY 5 — 29th July 2021, Thursday

 Tour to the Nature Park Klyuchevskoy Day 3 — ascent to the top of Tolbachik Volcano


DAY 6 — 30th July 2021, Friday

 Tour to the Nature Park Klyuchevskoy Day 4


DAY 7 — 31st July 2021, Saturday

 Tour to Nature Park Klyuchevskoy Day 5


DAY 8 — 1st August 2021, Sunday

 09:00 — 18:00 Tour to Nature Park Klyuchevskoy Day 6 — way back to Paratunka

 Check-in at the Hotel Laguna at Paratunka Village and dinner at local restaurant

 Relax in the thermal swimming pool in Blue Laguna leisure center in Paratunka area


DAY 9 — 2nd August 2021, Monday

 09:00 Full-Day Sea Voyage to Starichkov Island with FISHING EXPERIENCE

 Fishing experience on the way to Starichkov Island

 19:00 Dinner at Kamchatka Restaurant (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy City)


DAY 10 — 3rd August 2021, Tuesday

 09:00 — 10:00 Transfer from hotel to the Helicopter Base

 Timonovskie Thermal Springs Helicopter Excursion

 Transfer from the Helicopter Base to hotel


DAY 11 — 4th August 2021, Wednesday

 Elizovo Airport Departure Transfer