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Afternoon Activities
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Day 1
10 Jul

Airport transfer



Transportation & guide evening (4 hours)

Welcome dinner at Noa — destination dining overlooking Tallinn Bay

Day 2
11 Jul

Walking Tallinn City Sightseeing Tour

1/ Tasting of Legendary Vana Tallinn

2/ A Tour Under Tallinn’s Bastions

Medieval Dominican Monastery Claustrum visit with a special show

Lunch at Kaerajaan — modern Estonian cuisine


Afternoon Yachting, 1980 Olympic Games Regatta

OPTIONAL: Afternoon Steamer «Katharina» tour


Transportation & guide evening (4 hours)

Dinner in the sky — experience the altitidue

OPTIONAL: Medieval feast at Olde Hansa

Day 3
12 Jul

Transportation & guide full day & evening (12 hours)

Morning Rocca al Mare tour, the Estonian Ethnography Open-air Museum

Lunch at Kolu Korts — Old Tavern at the Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum


Afternoon Private Competition Day in Tallinn Hippodrome


Farewell dinner at Kadriorg Palace

Day 4
13 Jul

Airport transfer

Morning Tallinn Retro Tram Tour

Farewell drink and light lunch at Museum of Estonian Drink Culture with amazing terrace view




DAY 1 — 10th July 2022, Saturday

 Airport transfer

Tallinn Airport or Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is the largest airport in Estonia and serves as a hub for the national airline Nordica, as well as the secondary hub for AirBaltic and LOT Polish Airlines. Tallinn Airport is open to both domestic and international flights. It is located 5.0 km southeast of the centre of Tallinn on the eastern shore of Lake Ülemiste. It was formerly known as Ülemiste Airport.

The airport has also been used for military purposes. It has served as an interceptor aircraft base, being home to the 384th Interceptor Aircraft Regiment (384 IAP), which operated MiG-23P aircraft.

 Welcome dinner at Noa — destination dining overlooking Tallinn Bay

Constructed from wood and glass with stunning sea views, inventive cuisine and eclectic wine list it is easy to see why Noa has been a hit since its opening in 2014.

The restaurant was originally designed around an ancient ash tree, but had to be removed during construction. They since planted a new tree to grow into the space.

The low-level building which oversees the Bay of Tallinn and Old town has won award for its innovative design. Every table has a seaview thanks to different levels and mirrors.

DAY 2 — 11th July 2022, Sunday

 Walking Tallinn City Sightseeing Tour

The tour gives an overall impression about the city, its history and development. The walking tour in the Old Town takes you back to medieval times when Tallinn was an important trade center and gathered merchants and traders of all nationalities. Enjoy the well preserved Old Town with buildings dating back to even 16th century, narrow cobbled stone streets and small inner yards with charming art galleries and cafes.

 1/ Tasting of Legendary Vana Tallinn

Vana Tallinn is a dark brown and robust rum-based liqueur. Its taste is completed by several natural additives including citrus oils, cinnamon, vanilla and rum itself, all giving the liqueur its distinctive, somewhat exotic and velvety taste. The history of the Vana Tallinn liqueur dates back to the beginning of the 1960ís. The liqueur masters created a new and unique taste with the main flavours being rum and citrus. The exact recipe is a well kept secret handed over from one liqueur master to another.

Vanilla pods, orange, lemon and bitter orange oils mixed with Jamaican rum give the drink its unique velvety and exotic flavour. A hint of cinnamon adds an exiting, slightly bitter aroma.

The name Vana Tallinn, which literally means «Old Tallinn», links the drink with the old medieval heart of Tallinn, thus creating consistency with traditions. In this sense, Vana Tallinn comprises the skills of masters through centuries.

Vana Tallinn quickly became one of the most symbolic icons of the city and one of the most well-known trade marks associated with Estonia.

We recommend drinking Vana Tallinn neat, as a complement to coffee, or on its own with crushed ice.

Nonetheless, it is also an outstanding cocktail component.

 2/ A Tour Under Tallinn’s Bastions

A tour under Tallinn’s bastions offers its guests a unique experience. The numerous and mysterious passages in Tallinn’s fortifications were built along with the bastions in the 17th and 18th centuries. The aim of the passages was to conceal the movement of soldiers, ammunition and other equipment. The passages also played a role in espionage – to observe the enemy’s underground mining work.

The tour starts at the Kiek in de Kok Museum and leads only under a part of the bastions. The rest are still under water or are in a bad condition.

Medieval Dominican Monastery Claustrum visit with a special show

Visit the inner chambers of Tallinn's 13th-century Dominican Monastery for a glimpse into the lives of medieval monks.

These chambers once included three wings, together called the Claustrum, of which the east wing still remains. It consists of a monks’ dormitory, library, refectory, prior’s living quarters and other rooms. Visitors shouldn’t miss the mysterious 'Energy Pillar' in the cellar, thought to be a source of physical and spiritual health.

Program price includes:

— Candles in the rooms;

— Monastery assistant in medieval dress;

— Meeting with fr.Einar Laigna, Chatolic priest. He will lead the group inside the monastery. Fr.Laigna singing.

 Lunch at Kaerajaan — modern Estonian cuisine

Kaerajaan is a modern version of local traditions – it is named after a local traditional dance and its interior design elements and food are influenced by Estonian cultural heritage. The old chairs that we selected have been upholstered to offer comfort; copper decorations that resemble old traditional reed compositions and gigantic lights with mittens hang from the ceiling.

Located right on the famous Town Hall Square, Kaerajaan is a great place to experience a modern take on traditional, Estonian cuisine. Its name comes from an old folk song and dance about a well-known Estonian man who was constantly eating in his kitchen, and both the off-beat interior and the inventive dishes resonate with the echoes of the nation's ethnic heritage. The restaurant is traditional with a modern twist in interior, menu and music. The ceiling is decorated with national ornaments, lampshades are covered with woolen mittens, and the ultra-modern one-of-a-kind chimney-toilet built into the 17th century chimneystack is really something special.

 Afternoon Yachting, 1980 Olympic Games Regatta

Did you know that Tallinn is an Olympic city!? 1980-s summer Olympics were held in Moscow but the

sea-events were done here, for the conditions here are perfect. Come and see for yourself!

Yacht and captain will be waiting for you.

Come and lead your team to victory!

Duration: ~2-3h (+transfer time, ~20 min. one way)

Language: English

Number of boats can vary, depending on availability. Capacities are from 6-8 up to ~12 pax per boat. The price includes competition, instructions, water on board, award ceremony at the end of competition. Number of teams depends on available boats (capacities of each boat).

 OPTIONAL: Afternoon Steamer «Katharina» tour

The steamboat named Katharina is built in Norway and began trips to Naissaar from May.

The journey itself is exciting, as the boat passes Vahemadala lighthouse and passengers can even try steering the ship themselves on the captain’s bridge.

The steamer has three rooms for seminars and parties which fit up to 200 people. The boat also features a large sundeck. Naissaar Island offers facilities for hiking, having picnics or holding company summer days.

On a shorter cruise with Katharina, passengers will be taken to Katariina Pier and given a historical harbour tour in Tallinn.

 Dinner in the sky — experience the altitidue

Dinner in the Sky® Estonia offers a unique way to spend the sunset with a great company, enjoy a cocktail evening with your colleagues. The unforgettable fine dining experience in the sky – together with exclusive atmosphere, breathtaking view to city and cuisine from the top chefs. The idea and concept of Dinner in the sky is well known across the world and is recognised for its high standards and quality. Guests are lifted 50 meters above ground for their unique dinner night.

 OPTIONAL: Medieval feast at Olde Hansa

Olde Hansa is a rich merchant's home, where 15th-century delicacies and atmosphere can be enjoyed. Hand-made tableware for grand feasts and an authentic interior take our guests back to medieval Tallinn. Our merchantsґ banquets and medieval house drinks are most popular.

This restaurant is much more than a place to dine.

The Olde Hansa Restaurant has been founded out of respect for the Hansaeatic League and for the work of our forefathers and –mothers. The restaurant is an international quality food restaurant which serves merry medieval Feasts, drinks from medieval recipes prepared by the house itself, music from the Hanseatic period and the warmth of the atmosphere of a rich merchant’s home. Olde Hansa is a place for memorable experiences, which give rise to endless stories told to friends and acquaintances.

DAY 3 — 12th July 2022, Monday

 Morning Rocca al Mare tour, the Estonian Ethnography Open-air Museum

Length of the tour: ~ 3 h (including ~20 min transfer time)

Rocca al Mare is Estonian Ethnography Open-air Museum located in a nice pine forest near the sea at a distance of about 20 min drive from the Old Town. This museum leads you back to the time of old rural Estonia. The vast, forested park is filled with thatched, 18-20th-century farm buildings, windmills, a wooden chapel and a village school, with staff demonstrating how people lived and worked in times past. Visitors can buy handicrafts and try out the traditional food served in the village tavern.

It is a great place for Estonian Folk Show with folk songs, dances, games and funny legends. And of course don’t miss to taste traditional food and local beer!

 Lunch at Kolu Korts — Old Tavern at the Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum

Kolu Korts is a small highway tavern with one stable that was constructed in the village of the same name in Kose parish in 1840. It was transported to the museum in 1968 and reconstructed between 1969 and 1973.

Since 1993, it has again operated as a tavern, offering delicious national dishes every day!

It is possible to hold seminars, parties and other events here for 20 to 150 people including coffee breaks, lunches and dinners.

«Kolu Korts» is located on the museum territory of Rocca Al Mare. Here they serve traditional Estonian cuisine, using products from their own gardens and local farmers. They do not serve any softs like Coke, Fanta, but only homemade fruit /berry drinks instead softs.

 Afternoon Private Competition Day in Tallinn Hippodrome


Did you ever wonder how real horsepower feels like? Change the car to a horse!

There will be real horses and carriges with professional trainers and all guests have a chance to compete themselves.

People will registrate themselves for each race choosing the race and horse number they want to compete.

People will have special competition dresses, casquets and glasses. Horses will gather into starting line and people take the sitting place very next to the professional trainer in the same carrige.

Competing includes full security and does not require any previous experience in this field.

After each race winning ceremony with fanfars and prizes.

While group members are competing in arena, the other guests are making bettings with the nominal value of 1 EUR.

They just choose the horse number predicted to be a winner and registrate this choice in totalisator. Each guest have a possibility to make 1 petting of 1-2 EUR for each starting race.

The budget includes preagreed fond for the totalisator in a way that guests do not have to pay themselves. The game will be based on this winning fond and after the final all winnings are payed out.

Day at the RaceTrack is organised in a way that for the guests it will be nothing else, but real fun!

Upon Arrival

Arriving at Hipodroom’ s Restaurant or Terrace.

Soft drinks and snack table.

Logos, flags, banners if needed.

Hipodroom´s representative will make a short introductcion of history, horses and all activities planned in this competition day.

 Farewell dinner at Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace (Kadriorg Art Museum) is a magnificent structure designed for Russian Emperor Peter the Great in 1718 by the Italian architect Niccolò Michetti. The museum's collections include Western European and Russian art from the 16th — 20th centuries. The palace's spectacular Great Hall is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in all of Northern Europe. It’s a perfect venue for concerts and small theatre performances, and hosts festive receptions with caterers in historic, 18th-century costumes.

Events can be also organized in the park territory.

Kadriorg Palace has always been the crown jewel of Tallinn. The small festive tsars’ palace in the style of Roman Baroque, surrounded by a regular garden, with fountains, hedges and flowerbeds, planned after the model of Versailles, was erected on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, according to the wishes of the Russian ruler Peter I.


DAY 4 — 13th July 2022, Tuesday

 Airport transfer

 Morning Tallinn Retro Tram Tour

Travel back in time now while in Tallinn. There are all together 6 charming retro-trams operating on the tram route no 3 taking you to leafy Kadriorg area. All trams carry names of important Estonians from the first Republic of Estonia. One of them being dedicated to the country's firs president Mr Konstantin Päts.

The tour will highlight the Tallinn City centre and surrounding areas, their architecture, history and modern development. You will visit Kadriorg Park and will see the charming Kadriorg Palace. The palace dates back to the 18th century when the Russian tsar Peter the Great built it for his wife Catherine. In the park you will also see KUMU, the newly built Estonian Art Museum which has received several prizes for its modern architecture

 Farewell drink and light lunch at Museum of Estonian Drink Culture with amazing terrace view

The museum is located in the same place where Luscher & Matiesen Wine Factory operated during Estonian First Independence before World War II. It exhibits the history of Toompea wine production in its most realistic way and brings you the 100-year-old legend of the Luscher & Matiesen Wine Factory.

Visitors can explore interesting facts and view unique exhibits that are related to the history of different drinks produced in Estonia. In addition to exciting stories and legends that this historical place carries, museum also offers wine tastings, dinners and special events with an amazing view over the Old Town of Tallinn on a private terrace.

Excursions can be organised for groups from 6 to 40 persons, «Drink stop» on the terrace — for groups up to 70 persons at the same time, seated dinners – for up to 70 persons.

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