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Day 1
9 Sep



MINSK Description

Transfer from the airport

Transportation & guide evening (hotel-restaurant-hotel)

Welcome dinner at The View — Panoramic restaurant

Day 2
10 Sep

Transportation & guide full day

Morning Minsk City Tour

Alivaria — Excursion to the oldest brewery with beer tasting

Lunch at Kamyanitsa — Belarusian national cuisine


Stalin Line visit — The Historical and Cultural Complex


Dinner at Astoria Riverside restaurant

Day 3
11 Sep

Transportation & guide full day

Morning Nesvizh Castle visit

Lunch at Getman restaurant in Nesvizh Castle


Afternoon visit of Sula — Park-Museum of Interactive History


Gala dinner at Dipservice Hall

OPTIONAL: Dinner at Trade Union (Profsouz) Palace

Day 4
12 Sep

Transportation & guide

Morning BELAZ visit

Lunch at Green Park restaurant before departure



DAY 1 — 9th September 2021 Thursday

MINSK Description

Minsk — is really an ancient Russian city,city hero.The first mention of the city concerns to 1067. During World War II Minsk was totally destroyed and rebuilt according to a symmetrical pattern.

Minsk is the capital and largest city in Belarus, situated on the Svislach and Niamiha rivers. Minsk is also a headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). As the national capital, Minsk has a special administrative status in Belarus and is also the administrative centre of Minsk voblast (province) and Minsk raion (district). It has a population of 1,830,000 inhabitants (2008).

Distance from Minsk to European capitals:

Warsaw (Poland) — 500 km

Vilnus (Lithuania) — 185 km

Kiev (Ukrain) — 565 km

Moscow (Russia) — 720 km

Riga (Latvia) — 470 km

Berlin (Germany) — 1050 km

London (England) — 2100 km

Paris (France) — 2150 km

Minsk is the city-residence of President and Goverment of the country.

Time: European + 2 hours Grinvich.

 Transfer from the airport

Minsk International Airport is located 42 km to the east of the city. It opened in 1982 (passenger terminal — in 1987.) It is an international airport undergoing modernisation with flights to Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Iran, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom, and other countries, operated by the national carrier Belavia and the German airline Lufthansa, AirBaltic of Latvia, LOT Polish Airlines, as well as Austrian airline Austrian Airlines Group.

The airport terminal is a unique architectural construction with capacity of 5,8 million passengers per year. It is outfitted with modern technological equipment from THYSSEN-HENSCHEL (Germany), «GALET» and «SIETAM» (France), «BESAM» (Sweden), etc., allowing to handle baggage and passengers quickly and efficiently.

 Welcome dinner at The View — Panoramic restaurant

The View restaurant is located 100 m above the sea level and is the highest restaurant in Minsk.

Restaurant can accommodate up to 110 pax and during summer time opens a terrace with the capacity of 40 pax. The cuisine in the restaurant is varied: European and High Author.

The restaurant is located on the 28th floor of Royal Plaza center.

DAY 2 — 10th September 2021, Friday

 Morning Minsk City Tour

Minsk is an ancient city of Belarus first settled about 900 years ago. It's also the capital of the Republic, and accordingly the cultural and economical center of Belarus. The city is rich in history, traditions, culture and arts.

Excursion acquaints with the city-hero Minsk, its past and hereby. Here you will learn about more than 900-years history of the city, about its occurrence on pages of annals, its basis and revival after numerous wars and fires, about state of modern compact city.

The coach will take you through Independence (Nezavisimosty) Avenue and its old and modern buildings, parks and monuments to the former Higher Market area. Restored and renovated churches, cathedrals, civilian buildings (the Town Hall among them) will help you delve in the country’s past and the professional guide will tell you everything from facts and statistics to myths and legends.

The Island of Tears is a must-see of any tour around the city – it is a deeply symbolic poignant monument complex to soldiers who died abroad.

During the city tour you will see:

— Independence Square with the House of Government where grand monuments of Soviet architecture and monument to Lenin coexist with 19th century buildings and Red Roman Cathedral – the draw card of the capital

— Liberty Square

— The Island of Tears

— Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb) – restored buildings of the 19th century

— National Library

 Alivaria — Excursion to the oldest brewery with beer tasting

Alivariya is one of the oldest breweries in Belarus, and is the oldest of presently existent breweries in the country. It was founded in 1864 in Minsk.


The tour goes through the historical part of the existing production, accompanied by a fascinating story about the history of the company and the main stages of brewing. The tour includes a professional tasting of two types of beer. The duration of the tour is 1 hour.

 Lunch at Kamyanitsa — Belarusian national cuisine

One of the best restaurants in the city of real old Belarusian cuisine. Carefully thought-out and implemented interior design distracts from the problems of modern reality, which cannot seep into the restaurant’s halls even through windows that are reliably protected by colorful stained glass windows. And having tasted «tsepelins for meat pa-litoўsku» or «pig pa-vyaskovamu ў garshku», prepared in full compliance with the traditional recipe of the old Vilna cookbook «Lithuanian cook», you will experience complete immersion in the era of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Restaurant regulars recommend to order the notorious «Cup i cracklings» — a dish with local tincture. Every evening in the «Kamianitsa» traditional Belarusian music is played, and on Saturdays in the restaurant dances along with the actors of the theater of the ancient culture «Yavaryna».

 Stalin Line visit — The Historical and Cultural Complex

The Historical and Cultural Complex Stalin Line was founded to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Soviet People’s Victory in the Great Patriotic War and was opened to the public on 30 January 2005 in memory of the defenders of Minsk. The idea of this unique memorial came from the internationalist warriors charitable foundation «The Memory of Afgan».

These unique structures were a part of the defence system created at the beginning of the 1930s along the western border of the Soviet Union. This system is unofficially called the Stalin Line similar to the famous Maginot Line and the Mannerheim Line.

Guests are given the opportunity to try themselves in a shooting gallery and the most courageous have an opportunity to experience the authentics from the war time.

 Dinner at Astoria Riverside restaurant

The restaurant complex «Astoria Riverside» is located on the banks of the picturesque Drozdy reservoir. The restaurant offers Eastern and European cuisine.

The concept of this gourmet restaurant — the interior should not distract the guest from the dish. All spaces are traditionally decorated with natural materials and comfortable stylish furniture. The use of panoramic views and a covered terrace adds even more light and spac

The ground floor of the restaurant has a total area of ​​about 3,119 m² located on 150 seats (166 m²), a hall for 400 seats with a covered terrace (851 m²), three halls for 10 seats (25 m² each), a VIP-hall for 20 seats (49 m²), a hall for celebrations and disco parties (298 m²), the Garden of Eden (210 m²), a restaurant’s kitchen (699 m²).

DAY 3 — 11th September 2021, Saturday

 Morning Nesvizh Castle visit

Nesvizh is the former capital of the Radziwill's Ordination. At the Market place of this picturesque town you will see the Town Hall, shopping arcades, artisan houses. We will take a view of the Park and Palace Complex of the XVI-XVIII centuries designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni by order of Nickolay Christoph Radziwill «Sirotka». The magnificent castle surrounded by high earthworks and wide ponds represents the system of buildings forming the tasteful court of honor. The elements of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism are interlaced herein. During our visit of the Palace museum you will see the impressive expositions composed of a vast number of relics, great halls of the palace, living and housekeeping areas. Near — picturesque parks adjacent to the palace. The Farny church of the XVI century — the first Baroque building in the Eastern Europe. This church is one of the most valuable churches in Belarus due to its gorgeous fresco painting and the undercroft.

 Lunch at Getman restaurant in Nesvizh Castle

Restaurant «Getman» is a special venue,located in a real castle in the city of Nesvizh, which has preserved one of the main monuments of architecture — Nesvizh Castle. This place is famous since the time of the Radziwills, and today everyone can enjoy this place and its epoch.

The menu of the restaurant «Getman» is traditional dishes from different countries, which are prepared here only according to original recipes and with the author's approach. Indeed, as is known, the Radzivills preferred dishes brought from all countries of the world.

In the restaurant you will taste the authentic Belarusian and European cuisine.

Interior «Getman» is the ancient frescoes on the walls, spacious rooms, and professional table setting. And from the window of the restaurant you can see a stunning view of the castle square.

In the restaurant, you can organize celebrations and parties, and the spacious halls that accommodate about 60 visitors will comfortably accommodate all your guests.

 Afternoon visit of Sula — Park-Museum of Interactive History

The complex is located in a picturesque place on the shore of the same name river. Just imagine: when you come here you can see the history of Belarus from its very beginnings (ancient settlements of the Neolithic era) to our days.

• At an ancient man stopping place you will familiarize with the life of our ancestors who lived here 7000 years ago. You will find out what dwellings did they have, how they got and prepared food, and what clothes they wore. It will also be interesting to see the ancient megalithic structures, which were used for various rituals. It was a kind of an open-air temple.

• On the Slavic cultures site you will learn what objects and gods our ancestors worshiped 3000 years ago. You will have the opportunity to touch the Thing Stone, to which people came to ask for help until the middle of the 20th century. There is also an ancient Slavic temple with a place for sacred fire in the center.

• On the Varangian wharf you will familiarize with the habitation and life of these warriors, who, among other things, were the creators of the first settlements on Belarusian lands. In the houses of the Varangians an authentic picture of their daily life is recreated.

The site for the museum in Sula was chosen because in the 19-20 centuries there was a residence of the wealthy noble family Lenski. Today the guests of the complex have the opportunity to visit the restored manor house of Lenski, where you may familiarize with the life of representatives of this noble family.

 Gala dinner at Dipservice Hall

Dipservice Hall is a venue for holding conferences, negotiations, business meetings, diplomatic receptions, charity events, dinner parties, weddings, corporate, mass and promotional events. There are 5 halls, the biggest — 600 pax capacity maximum

 OPTIONAL: Dinner at Trade Union (Profsouz) Palace

Trade Union (Profsouz) Palace first opened its door in 1956 and until today is a home for cultural & educational activities in the city.

On the first floor of the Palace there is a spacious and rich in its internal structure Column Hall with the capacity of 350 pax seated.

The Theater hall is designed for 850 seats with orchestra and tiers. The stage of the theater is equipped on the model of the Bolshoi Academic Theater in Moscow. The walls of the pillar and theater halls are decorated with stucco.

Gobelen Hall is designed for 200 pax seated.

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