Our Destinations


Mast Do in Belarus

1st Walk the central part of Nezavisimosti Avenue in the heart of the Minsk city center on the way to beautiful churches

2nd Have a ride on Retro Bus

3th Try traditional meals: Belarus Draniki (potato pancakes), kletski  (boiled flour balls filled with meat), Sashni (melting in your mouth fried potato cutlets stuffed with cottage cheese) 

4th Try bear at Alivaria - the oldest brewery

5th Read books or admire the peculiar architecture of the National Library of Belarus in Minsk

6th Visit to Mir castle -  UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage

7th Visit to Museum of Confiscated Art in Brest

8th Visit to Stalin Line - an open-air military museum built

9th Have BELAZ visit

10th Take a part in master class of applied arts