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Minsk city is the capital of Belarus. It is the political, economic, scientific and cultural centre of the country and the administrative centre of the Minsk region.

Minsk is the most economically developed city in Belarus. There are 2.020,6 million inhabitants in Minsk (on 1 January 2020), and the population is constantly growing.

We are sure Minsk will surprise you. The capital is progressive, modern and clean place. Fancy cafes, remarkable restaurants and crowded nightclubs, and art galleries have located in a city centre that was totally rebuilt accordingly to the tastes of Stalin. 

 Minsk was razed to the ground in WWII, so there are precious few buildings settling from the pre-war years, and there are relatively few traditional must-sees in the city, save a clutch of worthwhile museums. Instead, there are myriad places of interest to anyone fascinated by the Soviet and Lukashenko periods and a wealth of cultured pursuits to keep you entertained come evening.

Distance from Minsk to European capitals:
Warsaw (Poland) - 500 km
Vilnus (Lithuania) - 185 km
Kiev (Ukrain) - 565 km
Moscow (Russia) - 720 km
Riga (Latvia) - 470 km
Berlin (Germany) - 1050 km
London (England) - 2100 km
Paris (France) - 2150 km 
Minsk is the city-residence of President and Goverment of the country.
Time:  European + 2 hours Grinvich.

Minsk International Airport is located 42 km to the east of the city. It opened in 1982 (passenger terminal - in 1987.) It is an international airport undergoing modernisation with flights to Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Iran, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom, and other countries, operated by the national carrier Belavia and the German airline Lufthansa, AirBaltic of Latvia, LOT Polish Airlines, as well as Austrian airline Austrian Airlines Group.
Airport Minsk-1Minsk-1 opened in 1933 a few kilometres to the south of the historical centre. In 1955 it became an international airport and by 1970 served over 1 million passengers a year. From 1982 it mainly served domestic routes in Belarus and short-haul routes to Moscow, Kiev and Kaliningrad. Minsk-1 is expected to be closed in 2008 because of the noise pollution in the surrounding residential areas. The land of the airport will be re-developed for residential and commercial real estate, currently branded as Minsk-City.