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5 incentive ideas for Moscow

Cosmonaut Training  Program participating during Star City visit

Star City is one of the most significant space facilities in Russia. It is located in the picturesque suburbs of Moscow in a distance of 30 km from the city center. City houses the Cosmonauts' Training Center named by legendary Yuri Gagarin and the same-named museum in the territory of Star City. Both objects are unique and of a great interest with the visitors from various countries. It is the only location in the world, where the one can try Zero Gravity Flight and many other activities, which are available only for cosmonauts!During tour to Star City you will visit:1) The biggest Centrifuge in the world (its weight is 300 ton and the shoulder radius is 18m)2) The Hydro lab is designed to test space objects models3) MIR Station (watching from outside).Upon request following activities are available:-          Suite dressing-          Rotating Chair-          Meeting with Cosmonaut at MIR Station

Exclusive visit to Grand Kremlin Place, official residence of Russian President.

The Grand Kremlin Palace was built from 1837 to 1849 in Moscow, Russia on the site of the estate of the Grand Princes, which had been established in the 14th century on Borovitsky Hill.  The Grand Kremlin Palace was formerly the tsar's Moscow residence. Today Grand Kremlin Palace is an official residence of Russian President.  Its rooms are used for the awarding ceremony of the Russian Federation, for signing treatments of the international meaning, inauguration of Russian Presidents (Georgievsky Hall) and other events of the international importance. A full list of the guest visitors with information on their full name (according the passport), passport number and citizenship, should be provided 30 days prior the tour due to the security reasons.

60 meters underground  Tagansky Bunker Visit

The museum complex come down to 60 meters underground, it is one of the most secured war objects in the USSR. Excursions programs include not only a view of secured tunnels but also let visitors feel themselves like communicators, explore weapon models and communication equipment of the Armed Forces of the USSR. You have a unique ability of interactive war-games (strikeball, «Assault mission»).Large underground spaces and unique architecture allow toorganize corporate events of any format.Bunker-42 on Taganka was built in 1956. Its floor area is more than 7000 m2. Bunker-42 is an outpost in the capital center, what was in charge about 30 years providing security in case of nuclear attack.

KGB style Treasure Hunting

You are invited to explore Moscow city in teams, solving different tasks, going through different challenges. The main theme of the treasure hunt is- KGB agents. The main aim is to find KGB agents in the city, get tasks, solve tasks and find the final destination point. Group will be divided into smaller groups of 3 persons. Each group will have a black Volga car (Soviet politburo car), individual envelope with task and map, with pointed on it KGB agents.  At the end the winner team will be given a prize.The scenario can be written according your preferences.

Tank driving on the territory of real Russian Military Base!

You have a unique opportunity to experience real tank driving. You will be taken to the military base (about 60 – 70 km from the city). Before the driving welcome tea/coffee can be offered.  Tank driving can be combined with Kalashnikov shooting. Upon request lunch on military based can be provided. Russian Army uniforms can be supplied.