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5 incentive ideas for St. Petersburg

Ice sculpturing

Ice sculpturing is an exciting teambuilding activity, giving participants the opportunity to 'try their hand' at ice carving. Within a tight 1-hour timeframe, you will be trained in ice carving techniques and given the task of creating the figure — often with surprising and humorous results! The 'ultimate' package option includes a demonstration from a professional ice sculptor — thrilling in itself to watch. A finished ice sculpture can also be supplied as an example of how it should be done. After your ice carving challenge is complete, teams present their creation to rest of the group, with points awarded for creativity, team cohesiveness and overall presentation. By request the LOGO of your company can be frozen inside ice-block. Ice sculpturing is about working together, being creative and getting stuck into the task. The activity is a great way to treat a team or for entertaining clients — and can be taken to almost any venue and not only on winter time!

Speed boat race

Do you know that St. Petersburg was built on the delta of the River Neva and is spread out over numerous islands of varying sizes, frequently prompting the nickname the «City of 101 Islands». Over the centuries numerous bridges were built to connect these islands across the various tributaries of the Neva and the city's many canals (Moika, Fontanka, Kanal Griboyedova, etc.). Todays you have a unique opportunity to participate in speed boat race. What can be more fun than to challenge the speed boat by passing beautiful landscapes and embankments. Number of participants and particular place for race will be confirmed upon request.

4x4 wheel driving

You will be given the task of driving one of our 4x4 vehicles around a demanding course, over natural and man-made obstacles, through narrow gaps and between marker poles you can just squeeze the wing mirrors passed.  After an initial safety briefing, you will be given practical instruction in the skills and awareness that you need to move yourself and your 4x4 vehicle safely across our difficult off road terrain. Whether you are a novice or an experienced 4x4 off roader, our professional 4x4 driving instructors will find something to challenge you and make sure that you have fun on your 4x4 adventure! For 4x4 wheel driving we use well-known Russian military cars- UAZ.

Cossack dance master Class

What exactly is a Cossack dance? A few most famous moves of Cossack dancing include «Preesyadkee»-Knee-Bending (Russian: присядки), «Polzunok» (Ru: ползунок), «Koza»-Goat (Ru: коза), and many others.  Most of people believe that Cossack Dance move is when the male dancer crouch down and kick his heels out. This particular move called «Kozatsky» (knee-bending) or «Preesyadkee».  Today you have a unique opportunity to try Cossack dance!  Professional dances will be invited to the specific place (hotel conference room, restaurant, etc), wearing traditional red-blue costumes. You will be definitely enjoyed by such experience. The duration of the master class is about 45 minutes -1 hour (depending on your wish). 

Choirs at Saint  Isaac Cathedral (30 min concert of 4 Choirs)

Saint Isaac Cathedral is the fourth highest domed construction in the world and is one of the greatest masterpieces of the architectural art in St. Petersburg.  You have a unique opportunity to enter the Cathedral before the opening hours (10:00 a.m.) or after the working hours (18:00) and have unforgettable choir performance inside the Cathedral. Inside the Cathedral 4 choirs stand in the middle and each choir stands on each side. Choirs perform one by one the Orthodox Church songs and then, as all of them sing together. The concert duration is about 30 minutes and is followed by a tour around the Cathedral (30 min).