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MOSCOW VS ST. PETERSBURG. PART 2. Role in History - Ancient Russia vs. Communist vs. Czar’s Empire

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Moscow was the ancient capital of Russia, and this part of history is connected with old-style churches with onion-shaped towers, boyars with beards and long coats, Ivan the Terrible, and colorful Kremlin halls. After 1703, Peter the Great moved the Russian capital functions to the newly built Saint Petersburg, and Moscow lost its status of cultural, political, administrative, and commercial center.

In 1917, after the fall of czarist regime and the October revolution, Moscow again became the capital, but now of a new country, the USSR, Communist Russia. That’s why it has the symbols of the Stalin monumental buildings, KGB and Cold War atmosphere, Russian Army, and space program.

Meanwhile, Saint Petersburg was created as a statement of stark contrast to the old Russian culture. That’s why all buildings were created to reflect European culture of that period. Saint Petersburg is the symbol of imperial Russia, of czarist regime, the period of time when Russia was a leading empire in the world. Also, Saint Petersburg is connected with the fall of the biggest empire—Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

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