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Clients' feedback: Eric Jonsson, EVINTRA


Eric Jonsson, EVINTRA:  »Many thanks to Alexander Rodionov for my personal copy of the amazing Russia Survival Guide!  It really helped me with alot of information for understanding the russian culture and local circumstances better, on my first trip to Russia. It contains many interesting facts, and also has a wonderful sense of humor. I really enjoyed reading it, prior to, and while exploring Rostow on Don.»


Russian People and Its History


There is a lot of criticism and jokes about modern life in Russia, but foreigners forget that our modern reality is the result of events that took place in Russia during the last one hundred years. If you just recall tragedies that happened in Russia during this period and calculate the damages brought by it, you will be shocked. When you look at Russian history closer, you will understand us better and start to love and respect Russia.


Russian Traditions: Bread And Salt Welcome Ceremony

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Bread and Salt Ceremony is one of the oldest Russian traditions. When important, respected or admired guests arrive, they were greeted by young women in traditional costumes with a loaf of bread placed on a rushnik (embroidered towel). A salt holder or a salt cellar is placed on top of the bread loaf or secured in a hole on the top of the loaf.