Ginza Project opened new restaurant “KHOCHU KHARCHO!!!” in St. Petersburg

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This is a heart-cry of those longing for the correct Georgian cuisine. We want an authentic Megrelian kharcho! Gourmets were – as usual – heard by Ginza Project. The new Holding’s restaurant offers everything that made the small but proud Megrelia famous: the dishes which became national «trademarks».

Western Georgia has a rich culinary tradition. The newly opened Khochu Kharcho! restaurant serves all the most «juicy» courses. Khachapuri where they do not forget to put lots of Suluguni cheese, fragrant chakhokhbili and, of course, nourishing kharcho.

Iso Dzandzava, the Brand Chef of the restaurant knows all cooking secrets of Megrelian housewives. She always adds hazelnuts into kharcho – just like they do it in that blessed region. And she personally brings in special Adjika sauce used for restaurant specialties.

The home-like cozy setting of Khochu Kharcho! is ideal for leisurely reunions and cordial talks. Two stories and a summer veranda can seat 300 guests without breaking the feeling of privacy thanks to the smart zoning of the restaurant space. 
Khochu Kharcho! Here. Now. Delicious.

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