LEAPrus 3912: the world’s highest eco-hotel has opened on the Southern side of Mount Elbrus, Russia.

Environment & Sustainability 

LEAPrus 3912 is the new eco-hotel up at a 4,000m altitude on mount Elbrus, a dormant volcano, surrounding alpine environment is known for its extreme climatic conditions. Completed by Turin design firm LEAPfactory in September, it’s now open to the public who will want to reach it.

A place with spectacular views surrounded by snow in highest it of Europe. This is LEAPrus 3912, an alpine station on Mount Elbrus in Russia and designed by LEAPfactory. The building is structured from four completely prefabricated buildings which are articulated properly by the project management team by difficulty of carrying the mountaintop all prefabricated modules, using until helicopters for it. An ideal place to spend unforgettable days.

Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe, and is one of the Seven Summits, the circuit of the highest mountains in each of the seven continents. It is located at the centre of the Northern range in the Russian Caucasus, halfway between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Mt Elbrus is a dormant volcano, characterised by twin summits of 5642 and 5621 meters, dominating all the mountains in the area, the lowest of which is at least 1000 meters. Its environmental and climatic conditions are known for their extreme severity.

Within its four prefab, modular structures, the eco-hotel offers 49 beds, a restaurant, and even an integrated sewage treatment plant. To withstand the harsh alpine climate, the architectural shell was built using high-quality, advanced technology that dramatically reduces energy requirements. LEAPrus 3912’s other sustainable highlights include: solar cells that generate the structure’s electricity and power; an internal air circulation system featuring heat recovery; LED lighting; and a water system supplied by outside snow melt.

The interior equipments and the architectonic design of the cabins create an «unicum» in the panorama of the high-flying constructions: an intense visual relation with the surrounding landscape, elegance, functionality and durability are accurately orchestrated to provide the guests with real comfort.

Source: http://www.metalocus.es

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