New Complex “European Embankment” in the center of St. Petersburg will be opened by 2015!

«European Embankment» in fact is a block city (or even a district) which will probably be built on the territory of former chemical industrial zone.  Common subject for the past years and it is good to remove factories out of city and build houses and offices there. Location of the central figure is unique: center of St.Petersburg, right between the Petropavlovaskaya fortress and Strelka. Dvortsovaya embankment is well seen from here, and the site fits the very picturesque view. That is not the only unique feature of the project: territory of the future mixed-use complex is very large – 9,3ha. It is very large for center in a historical city, especially in Petersburg. And the moreover, the investors claim they are going to have finished the project by 2016. So the «embankment» is the largest «real» project in the city at that moment.

Real State Council of the city proclames that by 2015 year complex will open the following projects: Dance Palace (24 000 sq. meters),Hotel (20 000 sq. meters) and Shopping Mall. Moreover the contest on the project of the main part of the complex –is theatre of modern ballet of Boris Eyfman.  

Looking forwar to see this project in 2015!

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