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Russia & Belarus is developing Fairytale Tourism


Russian and Belarusian experts plan to join forces in February 2013 to create a common project titled «The Fairytale Map of Russia and Belarus,» managers of the Fairytale Map of Russia project said Tuesday.

The Fairytale Map of Russia is a project aimed at collecting information about interesting sites, cultural events and extraordinary museums dedicated to fairytale characters representing the country’s diverse folklore traditions.

The project was officially launched in November 2010 with the support of Moscow’s Diasporas Association, as well as municipal authorities.

A few characters of Russian fairytales (Pakkaine – Karelia’s Santa Claus, Snegurochka, or Snow Maiden, from Kostroma, Kikimora, an evil spirit, and others) will soon travel to Belarus to take part in festivities on invitation from Belarusian Ded Moroz (the Slavic Santa Claus – Grandfather Frost).

The Belarusian Ded Moroz will pay a return visit to Russia’s East Siberian republic of Buryatia, where the Buryat Ded Moroz, Sagaan Ubugun, resides.

Experts involved in promoting the future project are ready to prove that many modern gadgets are nothing more than artifacts whose appearance was foretold in fairytales.

The project’s managers said European countries are already involved in similar joint ventures. They cited Danish and Swedish fairytales with similar plots, saying the countries use them to create and promote joint routes for tourists interested in fairytales.