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First capsule hotel Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya opened in Moscow


Russia’s first capsule hotel Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya opened in the center of Moscow on 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street. The module rooms are so small that they are called sleepboxes.

The hotel is designed for those who come to Moscow just for a few days or even several hours. It is near the Belorussky rail station, which is connected by the Aeroexpress to Sheremetevo Airport.

There are 50 module rooms for one, two, or three persons.

Sleepboxes are very small with only a bed, shelf, and electrical outlets. They have a modern design, are comfortable and functional. One can sleep, rest, or even work there, as there is free Wi-Fi. Reception is on the ground floor. Five shared bathrooms on the same floor are fitted with a shower. A sleepbox for two is the cheapest at 2,600 rubles ($87) a night. A family suite is the most expensive at 4,900 rubles.