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20 good reasons to visit Sochi before and after Winter Olympic Games


1)      The ONLY city with subtropical climate to host  WINTER Olympics

2)      Host city of  «Grand Prix  Russia» Formula-1  (from 2014 to 2020)

3)      Sochi is the longest city in Europe – its length is 148 kilometers

4)      Sochi is the biggest and most popular resort in Russia

5)      SOCHI – «Russian Rivera» (it is situated on the same longitude as Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and San-Remo)

6)      Experience unique nature of Subtropical forests and mountains

7)      Visit the most northern tea plantation in the world

8)      Relax on the beach and ski, all in one day (distance from beach to ski slopes is only 40 kilometers)

9)      Taste more than 50 types of honey on the biggest Russian bee farm

10)   Experience wide variety of rafting routes on mountains rivers

11)   Trout  Farm fishing at the foot of the Achishkho Range

12)   Heli skiing in Caucasian mountains

13)   Experience horse riding  tours,  Jeep of-road driving & mountain bike tours to see Caucasus wildlife: forest paths, mountain rivers, waterfalls, gorges, alpine meadows, snow-capped mountains

14)   Visit Summer residence (datcha)  of Stalin

15)   Exciting sea walk sailing along the Black Sea coast with ability to participate in sailing Regatta

16)   Arboretum with 1800 kinds of trees and plants varieties

17)   Visit Trinity & St. George Convent &  Akhashyr Cave

18)   Memorize breathtaking view from Akhun observation tower

19)   Stay at best world class hotel chains, which can organize all types of events and Conferences up on request of the client

20)   Visit Polikarya Waterfall- with astonishing view of the Greater Caucasus Range

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