Industry Updates

Domina Prestige St. Petersburg has been officially opened in Russia


The official opening ceremony has  been held in end of May, but first visitors stayed at the hotel starting from 1 March 2012. Domina hotel is part of Domina Prestige collection belonging to Italian hotel chain Domina Hotels. This will be the first venture of the company in Russia.  After launching Domina Hotel in St. Petersburg, the company plans to open hotels in other Russian cities: Lipetsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Tomsk, and Kaliningrad.

»Domina Hotel Saint-Petersburg» is located in the House of Jomini-Kleiber, this building is historical and features 7 floors. Hotel offers 108 rooms, including 93 Superior rooms, 3 Suites rooms, and 12 two-storey Lifestyle Rooms. Arcobaleno Restaurant which is located on the first floor on the hotel offers Italian Fusion style menu.