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St. Petersburg

The most CULTURAL city in Russia

The 4th biggest city in Europe with the population of 6 million people

City with largest number of palaces and the deepest metro in the world

The cradle of Russian Literature, Art and Education

Ideal place for Tsar’s Events:

  • Congress for 1000 guests in Smolny Cathedral
  • Lunch at a single long table for 600 persons inside of the biggest Artillery museum in the world
  • Exclusive night visit to Hermitage (Winter Palace)
  • Transfer from airport by BTR, stretch limousine or Russian Troika
  • Gala dinner with Rasputin in Yusupoff Palace
  • Water and Fire Fairytale in Peterhoff Palace
  • Hockey game against Russian team
  • Politburo meeting in Political Dacha K2

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